Beetle Smasher Game With AdMob

Beetle Smasher Game With AdMob

Game Description
Beetle Smasher is a timekiller game with infinitive number of levels. The player’s task is to kill beetles tapping on them. Beetles are moving to the bottom of the screen and if one of them eats a piece of cake, the player loses 1 life. Bees make the game harder, player loose when tap them.

Project Description
• This game created with Java and AndEngine using Eclipse IDE.
• The project contains full source code with images, sounds and fonts.
• The game is very easy to reskin.
• Project contains Quick Start (step by step instructions) pdf file.

• Supports Android 2.3+
• Admob integrated (Banner and Interstetial)
• Uses AndEngine GLES2 Anchor Center (Latest Version)
• Infinitive number of levels
• A lot of moving algorithms for beetles
• Google Play Services LeaderBoard integrated
• 5 hand-drawn animated insects png included

Please check the Demo APK

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Price $14.00