Patriotic Pack

Patriotic Orchestra Pack – this is upbeat and inspire cinematic tracks with orchestral drums, pianos and strings. Included instruments: cello, violas, epic drums, trombones. This tracks is perfect as background music for your presentations or slideshow clips. Ideal for web videos, advertising, sports, education, travel, corporate videos, crowd funding campaigns, viral marketing, commercials, presentations, and team building.

Beautiful, powerful and inspirational trailers! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games and many other projects! Tracks executed professionally and efficiently, so the effect on the listener is guaranteed! Here we have used the violin, cello, horns, tuba, drums, cymbals, piano and sub-bass!

In the pack includes 3 tracks:

1. Thriller: 2:36

2. Patriotic: 2:14

3. An Orchestra: 2:37

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