Rug Set 116

Rug Set 116

The set consists of 3 rugs. All high quality textures.

Rugs can be used for close-up and distant renders.

For each rug in the scene there are 3 options: -1. Rug created with VRayFur (for close-up renders) -2. Rug with VRayDisplacementMod -3. Rug with CoronaDisplacementMod


3ds Max (2013 version. With V-Ray and Corona materials) FBX OBJ *mtl A file with links to rugs can be found in the archive. I wish You nice renders.

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Price 457.27 RUB
Author hq3dmodel
Created 2019-07-29 09:59:32
Last update 2019-07-29 09:59:32
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