Upbeat Commercial Funk

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It is a beautiful positive track with a fashion, funky, disco, electronic, stylish, uplifting, relax, motivational, upbeat, soft, uplifting, commercial, corporate, catchy sound.Great for presentations fashion shows, fashion parties, a sow of stylish luxury living advertisement, news, beauty blog, vlog, travel companies, commercials, summer entertaining videos, bar and chill zones, nightlife moovies, corporate videos, party or luxury brand presentation, cinema, movie trailer or as web page music.

In the preview file, (Short 01) at 2:19, (Short 01) at 4:06, (Short 03) at 5:19, (Short 04) at 6:49

Files included in the zip:

1.Upbeat Commercial Funk 2:19 WAV and mp3

2.Upbeat Commercial Funk (Short 01) 1:46 WAV and mp3

3.Upbeat Commercial Funk (Short 02) 1:13 WAV and mp3

4.Upbeat Commercial Funk (Short 03) 1:29 WAV and mp3

5.Upbeat Commercial Funk (Short 04) 0:41 WAV and mp3

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